Facial Rejuvenation

a. - 1. Botox – Face and Neck
2. Meso Botox – To Improve Skin Tone
b. - Restylane – Facial Filler to cover Facial Grooves and Hollows
c. - Fat Injection – As a Filler to cover Facial Grooves and Hollows
and for Lip Line Enhancement, Cheek Enhancement and Enhancement of Skin    
Under the eye

Facial Plastic Surgery
Implants to improve chin projection and cheek bone projection.

To redefine the aesthetic appearance of nose:
eg. Dorset Augmentation Tip Projection, correction of nasal hump
and boney deformity.

Surgical Face lift
To improve the sagging face and neck
Redefines facial aesthetic landmarks
Surgical neck lift to improve the appearance of neck

Removal of eye bags
Removes the under eye bulges-Blepharoplasty of lower eye lids
Removes the upper eye lid sagging skin and fat- Blepharoplasty of upper eye lids.

Plastic Surgery for the Improvement of Breasts
Breast augmentation using silicone implants (anatomical and round shapes)
Mastopexy-To uplift the breast
Mastopexy combined with silicone implant
Brest Reduction – To make the breast smaller and less heavier
Removal of axillary fat. Removes bulges in the axillae or arm pits

Plastic Surgery for the male breast
Reduce the size of male breast (re-gynaecomastia)

Plastic Surgery for the Tummy (Abdomen)
Abdominoplasty – To reduce the size and tone-up the sagging tummy (Tummy Tuck)

Using Micro-air power assisted suction
Liposuction of Tummy, Fat arms and Thighs, Loins, Chin and Neck

Plastic Surgical correction of Prominent ears
Bat ear correction

Plastic Surgery for Congenetal (born with) defects or ailments
Cleft Lip
Cleft Palate

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